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I’ve been thinking a bit about Jello lately. Rachel Laudan mentioned it in a comment about style . . . and it’s been stuck in my mind ever since.

San Francisco is a gorgeous place, but I do think it looks even better in Liz Hickok’s jello art shown above.

Maybe on some Mother’s Day I’ll take the whole day off to just play with Jello!  That might be lots and lots of fun!

I searched for more jello art and found a few pieces on flickr. They are more somber pieces than Liz’s. But then San Francisco was not the subject at hand.


Rasputin is coming to mind. I have no idea why.

Some interesting colors in this jello art


There are many more photos of the San Francisco piece on Liz Hickok’s website.

A video of  jello? Sure, why not.

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I yam what I yam

Ravishing radish

With or without my prurient greens



An unrolled radish gathers no moss

Ivory daikonery statuesquery


Celebrant radishes work and worry


And the Sacred Mother Radish reigns the wrinkled world

White-hearted, wrinkle-headed. Delicious?



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Easter is tomorrow. I’ve been so busy this week with running around with my charming children that my menu has not been designed yet. I’m not sure where this leaves me in God’s graces. If I do not make a big dinner, will I have crossed some invisible boundary that separates those who are heading to Heaven from those who . . . well, you know.

Somewhere in some corner of the earth, I’m certain there is someone spreading Wonder Bread with butter. Or worse, with mustard. For dinner.

I figure whatever I plan it will be better than that.

I do like a bit of butter to my bread. But the Easter Bunny simply won’t be happy with just that, I don’t think.

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For recipe, click on photo.

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One of the phrases with great mouth-feel in the French language is ‘bien installé’. It’s not only the mouth-feel but the mind-feel that goes along with it that makes one want to grab the phrase and hold on to it.

When I started hearing this phrase during the too-short time I lived in Paris, I held it in my heart – repeating it over and over to myself. “Bien installé, bien installé, mais oui, I am!” And it made me very happy and proud.

In that particular instance, the phrase meant “You’re settled in now, aren’t you!” At other times the phrase shaped slightly differently can mean ‘fitted out’; ‘well-established’; ‘installed’; ‘settled’; or even ‘entangled in’.

To be a part of the idea of ‘bien installé’ has a mesmerising pull to it. How solid! How safe! How irrefutable!

I’m not sure, myself, that in reality there is a truly safe place – though many people in our culture have experienced lives so close to being utterly safe and secure that when the idea is presented to them that perhaps there is no really, truly, safe place it deeply offends the very core of their being.

‘Bien installé’ is also a look presented to the world. The essence it holds is deep and solid, sure and elegant – at best.

‘Bien installé’ came to my mind when I saw the menu posted above and more, at Le Divan Fumoir Bohémien – a blog I read almost daily. Gorgeous. Bien installé at its very best.

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Set of 6 Utensils

Just like magic. It can be done.

Now where did I put that flying teapot?

Source of wonder: Artecnica

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