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I had promised some hijinks to a friend. But then I had none ready. What to do? Why, put on the hijinks apron and whip some up of course!


As you see I am ready to rock! My apron starched and laundered. And there are seven of me. Just to be sure the job gets done.

What I didn’t know, when I promised hijinks to my friend, was that ‘hijinks’ is a drinking game.

High jinks, a somewhat dated expression for fun and pranks, was originally the name of an ancient drinking game played wih dice, and the antics of the players gave birth to the phrase. Sir Walter Scott describes the game in his novel Guy Mannering (1815): “Most frequently the dice were thrown by the company, and those upon whom the lot fell were obliged to assume and maintain for a time a certain fictitious character or to repeat a certain number of fescennine (obscene) verses in a particular order. If they departed from the character assigned . . . they incurred forfeits, which were compounded for by swallowing an additional bumper, or by paying a small sum toward the reckoning.” (Word and Phrase Origins Third Edition, Robert Hendrickson)

Why, this seems perfect for me! I can throw dice and drink with the best of them! And as there are seven of me (already dressed in aprons and ready to work at this thing, feather duster in hand!) the game is on! I shall have to invent a few more fictitious characters because swallowing a bumper sounds like a bad idea. The only bumpers I know (well, aside from those guys on the subway and I wouldn’t want to swallow any part of them either) are the heavy steel things on cars. Horrible to swallow.

I’m off to gather my chickens and hijinks. See you soon!

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A Mad Lib in Real Life?

A Mad Lib in Real Life?

What a year this is! Not only is it the Smurf’s 50th birthday . . . not only is it Paddington Bear’s 50th birthday (reminder to self: must make some marmalade! 🙂 )  . . . it is Mad Libs 50th birthday also.

If you’ve never played Mad Libs, your life has been missing something very important.

Silliness is what it has missed, in bucketfuls.

I discovered Mad Libs the year I was twelve. My best friend and I played it every day, inbetween practicing “Gibberish” (which is a language something like Pig Latin but even better!).

The idea came to me a while ago that Foodie Mad Libs would be a wonderful thing. Food and laughing are both very good things, so why not? There is no actual Foodie Mad Libs published (as of yet! hint hint to the Mad Libs guys) but I did find a site online where you can fill in some arbitrary words and end up with a story on food that (if you’ve done it right) will be hilarious.

Here’s the site. I played several of the stories today (Burp!; The Missing Food Mystery; Simply Delicious; and Super Salad), and loved it.

Here’s the original Mad Libs site (hey Indiana Jones you’re looking good!), with lots of information about one of the most wonderful additions to humor and pop culture that was ever invented (IMHO).

Have fun! And never forget to play with your food.

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The quiz is “from” the F Word. Not “with” the F Word. But do as you please.

I scored 14. But that was my first try and it’s only my first cup of coffee and I’m sleepy.

A link to the game (from BBC Channel 4 online) is here.

An example of sort of questions in the quiz is below. The player has three lives in which to gather points.

Surely you can beat my score. 🙂

What is unusual about the famous Barcelona restaurant, Mim?

*It is a nudist restaurant
*The waiters mime
*You have to cook your own food
*There is no menu

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