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A cup of tea can be many things.

You can make tea from things growing in the fields and hedgerows

Chamomile, which makes a person seek a hammock to lie in, and

fanciful flitterings of furry fennel (please tell ladybug to fly away home, for the usual reason that her ‘house is on fire and her children are dying’)

a warmed handful of fluffy zested lemon rind – all tossed together and brewed with a bit of romance, which is always

the rosebud.

Tea’s on!

And when you have finished, if you still have an urge to do something with tea – but you’re not sure quite what, there is always Art to be considered

The herb tea recipe from field and hedgerow detailed above can also be found in a blend called ‘Zhena’s Gypsy Tea’. It will involve walking down the aisle of your grocery store. It is very good!


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