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Haute Jello

Photo Micaela Rossoto

Haute jello is never out of place.
Haute jello does wonders for the face.
Haute jello is the friend to the figure
Haute jello makes a lovely picture.

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It’s a Guy Thing with Barry Fig

I gotta tell you, it’s been a bad week. First that chick at the Farmer’s Market I told you about (why’d she have to be like that, dudes? Why?) and now this.

A couple of days ago my bud Stu Shotzy was over. We went four-wheeling and got kinda messy so he went to get cleaned up


and as he was drying off I tossed him a beer and he shook and jumped so hard both at the same time trying to catch it that somehow water went flying all over the place and hit an electrical outlet and everything went dead. Fried. Gone. Kaput.

Not him, dudes. He was alive. It was the kitchen that was dead. The fuses or wires or whatever got kiboshed.

I’m going to pick up a “How To” book this week so I can fix it but in the meantime – well I gotta tell you. It’s been bad. Hardees’ six times a day is wearing me out. It’s not like anything else is going good either.

Worst off all is my current project. “Barry’s Big Doodle”. I’m having a lot of problems with that. The damn thing isn’t working right. As you can see.

But crisis creates opportunity. So I’m looking on the bright side. I found a video on how to cook without a kitchen

made by this guy Chef Nam so I’m gonna try that later today. Listen. If the guy’s a chef, I trust him. It’s gotta be good.

The other really great thing I found at the grocery store were these really cool limited-editions of Jello. Three flavors even – pina colada; margarita; and strawberry daiquiri! I can use the microwave at work to make those. Can’t wait.

But that’s my week, guys. Full of problems. But in problems there’s opportunity.

If anybody has any ideas for my doodle, let me know.

Additional resources: Jello Confronts the Depression. (From the Gallery of Regrettable Foods)

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