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Cooking Light Complete Cookbook- A Fresh New Way to Cook

This is a large book, a colorful book, newly released this April. To my surprise it is also a ring-bound book, just like the old Betty Crocker bibles – which gives it an initial air of practicality without pretension. Happily this lack of pretension does not lead to recipes for casseroles using canned cream soups or “ethnic” dishes reeking authenticity on a minus rather than a plus level.

There is something for everyone in this book, from pad thai to fettucine alfredo. And though these recipes are designed to be “light”, they work as real recipes for real food without the strange lurking oddness that some “diet” recipes may have.

The fact that the book is ring-bound is actually a plus, in the kitchen. No need to try to keep the gorgeous book with glorious photos open on the counter somehow stacking cans and coffeepots and forks on it to keep one’s place. Just click click and out comes the page which can sit nice and polite and flat on the counter for use by the cook.

Calorie and nutritional analysis is provided for all recipes so that menu planning within this category of thought is easy – even pleasant – considering the wide variety of choices in each section.

Whenever I peruse a cookbook I seek the section on peas. Why? Because eating fresh peas with forks in France was quite the social enterprise in the late 1700’s or so, and I so loved that time. The forks had two tines. Peas were the “new” thing. Forks were the new thing too. At least with peas. We wore our hair up on top of our heads like small pyramids and we wore our dresses very low cut. I was there.

Can you imagine what happens at a formal dinner with Talleyrand when your pea falls off your fork down the front of your dress? My dears. I will let your thoughts dwell on this atrocity.

In the Cooking Light Complete Cookbook there are six recipes for peas (and though not all the peas are green they all are good). As one of my many mother-in-laws used to say “That’s enough for any pig.”

A bonus offered with this volume is the “Dinner Tonight” cookbook on CD-Rom, tucked nicely into the front cover.

Allow me to resume my yoga now. And to all of you . . . may you


Using the Cooking Light Complete Cookbook just might help.

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